5 amazing ways to move on after divorce

5 Amazing Ways To Move On After Divorce!

Now that you’re finally divorced, your feelings are all over the place. I know it’s so weird to be on your own again. But it doesn’t have to be all about loss and negative emotions.

Smile, because here’s some things to truly look forward to!

1. Personal Time

Rediscover yourself! Take the alone time you have and really focus on yourself for a while. Distance yourself from any negative things or people in your life, including certain family members and friends.

Leave your phone in the car and walk out somewhere beautiful. Like a park, the beach, a hiking trail…etc. Sit on the couch with a cup of coffee in silence. Take a bath with some candles.

The point is to turn off all of the outside influence and let your thoughts roll in. You would be surprised at how little we actually do this nowadays.

It’s important to think for yourself during this transition in your life, to really learn from mistakes and figure out what you want moving forward.

2. Lose weight

When I moved into my own place, I lost 15 lbs like that! Here’s some tips on how I did it.

  • I ONLY buy healthy things to eat.
  • I pack my lunches for work.
  • I snack often and eat smaller meals.
  • I don’t eat large meals past 7PM.
  • I no longer have to cook huge meals for the whole household. The days I have my son…he eats what I eat!
  • I drink all types of tea with honey 3x daily. Sometimes I’ll put Apple Cider Vinegar in it (AMAZING for weight loss)!
  • I work out a couple times per week (yes that’s it!!! Diet is 80% of weight loss)! Here are some workout’s I do from Pinterest- Doable Workouts for the Busiest Moms!

3. Career Progression

If you have always been a stay at home parent and maybe had a job at Dairy Queen as a kid, you may be a little rusty on your professional game. Here’s a few articles that may help boost your confidence and help you discover a career you will love!

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I understand that it’s EXTREMELY SCARY and uncomfortable to enter the workforce, but this is your chance to redefine who you are! You’ll discover new passions and strengths.

If you already have a job, now’s your chance to either make that switch to do what you’ve always wanted to do without the pressure from your spouse…OR stay and progress as far as you’d like! You finally get to focus on your career and build the life of your dreams, doing what you love! Don’t take it lightly!

In order to grow as a person, you MUST put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Finding a new career can be the most empowering and rewarding thing you have ever done (besides being a parent of course)!

4. Budget for what YOU want

This is the fun part! Try not to let it stress you out. Just understand that IT TAKES TIME to build a good foundation of household items and a savings.

Cut yourself some slack! You just went through a world of change and survived it! *pinch yourself to make sure*….so give yourself a pat on the back!!!!

Now, first things first…you need to reevaluate how much money is coming in and all of your bills. ESPECIALLY if you’ve never looked at that stuff before!

You have the potential to make your life the way you want it. The small choices you make now are going to determine the rest of your life. So choose wisely how you want to spend your money.5 amazing way to move on after divorce! Inspirational quote

5. You get to do what you want, when you want

If I want to spend the day at the beach, I can. If I want to have a few drinks with some friends, I can. If I want to spend $200 on some shoes, I can (not that I would…hehe!) There is no one there to stop me!

This huge change can be extremely overwhelming and cause tons of guilt, especially if you are a parent having fun while your kids are with your ex.

Now that you’re divorced, you don’t have to feel suppressed! You get to be whoever you want to be! Do whatever you want to do! Don’t let anyone hold you back.

People around you will be inspired by your independence and desire to be a better than you were before.

It’s up to you to either let your divorce consume you…or use your divorce as a slingshot into the life you’ve always wanted.

5 amazing ways to move on after divorce


17 thoughts on “5 Amazing Ways To Move On After Divorce!

  1. I love this post and can’t wait to show my sister. It has taken time, but she is grabbing at her opportunity to try new things. This post gives so many hope and ideas to be even better.

    1. That’s awesome to share this with her!!! She’s so lucky to have support like yours..I wish I had that while I was going through all my drama. Thanks for sharing Kim!!

    1. Thanks Rachel!!! I try to be positive in every post to give propel a different perspective. If you know anyone going through this, send them my way!! 🙂 I’ve helped a lot of people

  2. You are such a strong woman! Thank you for sharing your story and for keeping a positive spin on a topic that can be so negative. I love that quote about tough times and tough people. You are definitely one tough cookie! I am not divorced but I won’t lie that it hasn’t crossed my mind. Marriage is tough and takes a lot of work. Good for you for taking action and control of your life as a single mama 😉

  3. Ha! So true. After I got divorced I lost a ton of weight. I had sooo much more time for me and my needs. I experienced things I wouldn’t typically experience while married. I learned a lot about myself.

  4. This is so great! I am so glad I am on track. Being with my coparent put me in the worst depression ever. It changed a lot who I was as a person and even do I worked really hard on a daily to get out of that depression …it was hard because of the toxic environment I got into. AFter many months of hard work … it has come to an end … now I am doing some of the things you listed and it really does feel great!
    I just retook my career last week with a new job, I am trying to lose weight, cut my hair for a super radical new look and I am surrounded by positive people most of the time!
    I love it… I love this new version of me!
    Depression, anxiety and a broken heart 💔 tough me a lot!
    Still learning about that new me and it is intriguing what she has in store!
    Having you as a resource has become really helpful Soecially over the last week when you have given me so much perspective! So thanks for the tough love!
    Thanks for encouraging positive behavior and for giving it such a great twist!
    Enny 4.2 here we go!

    1. Enny!!!! I love that outlook! You’re amazing girl! I hope that you can share that with your friends/family. You never know who is silently struggling with depression and heartbreak, so you sharing this could go a long way!!!!! When you get your hair DID, share the pic on your Facebook! Caption it with something like this! 🙂 I believe that you will make a difference on peoples lives with your perspective. I’m so proud of you girl!!!! You’re gonna be completely unstoppable!!!!!

  5. I already do these now- although it took me a long time to get here. I have finally filed and people feel sorry for me. What they don’t know is this is a huge burden that is finally lifting from me. This was my choice, please don’t feel sorry.

  6. Love your post. I’m in the middle of divorce and your post really make me have something to look forward to after he divorces me. Looking for more positive post malissa

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