About Me


In 2015, I broke the news to my son's dad that I wanted a divorce. It was something I was debating for years and finally worked up the courage to spit the words out. It was the second hardest thing I've ever done...the first being deployed away from my son for 8 months. Over the past few years, I have figured out how to overcome the common struggles and setbacks that divorce unfolds along with strategies to redefine my new family dynamic. It took a lot of trial and error, that's for sure! My goals now are to help others fast-track through the bad parts of divorce and get to the goodness of co-parenting! That's right, I said GOODNESS of co-parenting! Because it really can be great. You really can have a great relationship again! And it starts with YOU!


I am one of EIGHT kids (all from the same parents). YEP! My parents are crazy! My parents were in the Army and mom retired at 20 years. Naturally, I wanted to be just like my mom, so I joined the military as well. My mom convinced me to join the Air Force because, well...they treat you better! So I joined the Air Force in 2007. I have been in now for almost 10 years! My time is running short as I have decided to separate from the military to pursue my passion for helping others improve their children's lives through successfully co-parenting!


Caleb is the joy of my life! He is 4 years old and a "yellow/white" little dragon belt in Taekwondo! He loves to play all types of sports and video games! He looks exactly like his daddy but has my sass and sense of humor. 😛 He's absolutely perfect!