Getting divorced with kids

Getting a divorce with kids? It will be okay.

Being scared of divorce with kids can be absolutely paralyzing. When you’re sitting in a marriage that you can’t stand to be in because your needs aren’t being met, you […]

What Its Like To Kiss After Divorce-I seriously thought I forgot how to kiss completely. I was in complete freak out mode as I drifted back to middle school where I learned how to kiss my first boyfriend Matt at the bus stop.

What It’s Like To Kiss After Divorce

Something that terrified me for a long time after divorce was that I couldn’t imagine kissing or being intimate with someone other than my husband. I mean, we were together for […]

Dating After Divorce-How To Communicate

Dating After Divorce-How to Communicate

We’ve heard it time and time again, communication is everything in a relationship and it’s so true. If you don’t know how to communicate or are too scared to voice […]