Dating After Divorce Confidence

Dating After Divorce-Confidence

In my last post in this Dating after Divorce Series, we talked about weaknesses and how important it is to identify them prior to pursing a new relationship. Now that […]

Dating After Divorce Series

Dating After Divorce Series

DATING. UGH. Doesn’t it just make you cringe? There are so many things that no one talks about regarding dating after divorce. It can be awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, exhausting, you […]

5 amazing ways to move on after divorce

5 Amazing Ways To Move On After Divorce!

Now that you’re finally divorced, your feelings are all over the place. I know it’s so weird to be on your own again. But it doesn’t have to be all […]

Why You Cant Get Over Your Ex

Why You Can’t Get Over Your Ex

After a long relationship ends, we may sometimes feel an overwhelming force to better ourselves. Whether it be to go back to school, take up a hobby or get the […]

When Does Divorce Get Easier?

When Does Divorce Get Easier?

Whether or not you wanted the divorce, seeing your spouse walk away is a very emotional thing to deal with. Even if the marriage made you extremely unhappy. It’s still […]

Abandoned by family after divorce

How To Handle Backlash From Family After Divorce

Are you suffering the silent treatment from family? Do you consider yourself the black sheep because of a choice you made that wasn’t the popular choice? It probably resulted in the silent […]

why aren't they happy for me

Why Your Loved Ones Aren’t Happy For you

Have you ever found yourself so happy about something that you want to shout it from the rooftops? Maybe it’s a new job, promotion, pregnancy, college acceptance or gift from a […]