Dating After Divorce Intrroducing the Ex

How I Introduced My Ex-Husband To My New Boyfriend

My good friend Tiffany somehow managed to introduce her ex-husband to her new boyfriend without any drama! Tiffany from is the author of this post! She’s a single momtrepreneur with a […]

What Its Like To Kiss After Divorce-I seriously thought I forgot how to kiss completely. I was in complete freak out mode as I drifted back to middle school where I learned how to kiss my first boyfriend Matt at the bus stop.

What It’s Like To Kiss After Divorce

Something that terrified me for a long time after divorce was that I couldn’t imagine kissing or being intimate with someone other than my husband. I mean, we were together for […]

Dating After Divorce-How To Communicate

Dating After Divorce-How to Communicate

We’ve heard it time and time again, communication is everything in a relationship and it’s so true. If you don’t know how to communicate or are too scared to voice […]

Dating After Divorce-The First Date

Dating After Divorce-The First Date

This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve dated before, so why does it feel like you’re in high school all over again??? It has a lot to do with lack of […]

Dating After Divorce Series

Dating After Divorce Series

DATING. UGH. Doesn’t it just make you cringe? There are so many things that no one talks about regarding dating after divorce. It can be awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, exhausting, you […]