Dating After Divorce Series

Dating After Divorce Series


Doesn’t it just make you cringe? There are so many things that no one talks about regarding dating after divorce. It can be awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, exhausting, you name it! Where to begin?!

There are so many things that factor into dating after divorce that your never-married, non-divorced friends have no clue about. So, I’m here to help!

In a series of posts I’m going to go over some things I have learned through trial and error regarding the dating scene after divorce. Hopefully, falling flat on my face a few times will have been for a good reason! And sharing with you will help you learn from my mistakes.

Luckily for me, I’ve had enough success in the dating department to be able to share with you what I struggled with the most, and how I overcame it.

What, did you really think I would be single forever?!?! 😉

Dating After divorce- Inspirational Quote

With that, this month I’m going to talk about:

Identifying Your Weaknesses


The First Date

Facing Judgment (from family, the ex, co-workers…)

How to Communicate

The First Kiss

Letting Go of the Past

Introducing the Ex

Introducing the Kids

Maintaining a Good Thing

Whew! That’s some deep sh*t to cover! But that’s why I’m slowly weaning you in. Dating after divorce can be extremely stressful, especially the topics I just mentioned. There are so many more, but we’re just going to keep it as generic as possible for now.

The whole purpose behind me doing this and putting myself out there, is to help people like YOU that may be struggling with one or more of these topics. I am no therapist…but who else to teach you than someone who has been there and found success.

Are you ready to plunge into the dating scene again? Let's do it!

So follow me to my next post about identifying your weaknesses! Let’s do this! Because you deserve to be deeply in love and happy!


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